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The Iron Curtain

Parabellum Releases Debut Album “The Iron Curtain” – A New Wave in Thrash Metal

Northern California’s burgeoning thrash metal scene is about to be shaken at its foundations with the release of ” The Iron Curtain,” the explosive debut album from Sacramento’s own Parabellum. Comprising young talents aged between 15 and 18, who balance their burgeoning music careers with high school commitments, Parabellum is not just a band; it’s a metal movement.

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“The Iron Curtain” emerges as a testament to Parabellum’s dedication and raw talent, delivering a sound that is both a homage to and a reinvention of thrash metal. With this album, Parabellum captures the essence of their vigorous live performances, honed through gigs and opening slots for iconic acts such as Warbringer.

2024 marks a milestone year for Parabellum, as they not only release their debut album but also join the lineup of the esteemed Redwood Metal Fest, sharing the stage with legends like Steve Smyth of Forbidden, Rick E Hunolt of Exodus, and Will Carroll of Death Angel.

Parabellum Band

Lead Vocalist & Rhythm Guitarist, Emre Aube, shares his vision for the album, “With ‘The Iron Curtain,’ we’re not just playing music; we’re igniting a fire in the heart of the metal community. It’s about pushing boundaries, both ours and the genre’s.”

Jacey Knecht, the dynamic force behind the drums, reflects on the journey, “Recording this album while juggling school was a challenge, but every late night and every moment spent in the studio has been worth it. This is our dream manifesting.”

Lead Guitarist Dylan Stearns adds, “Each track on ‘The Iron Curtain’ is a piece of us. We’ve poured everything into this – our energy, our passion, and our dedication to the craft of metal.”

Emre Aube of Parabellum

Bassist Thor Conrad speaks to the unity and ambition of Parabellum, “We’re a band of brothers, tied together by our love for metal. ‘The Iron Curtain’ is just the beginning. We’re ready to take on the world.”

“The Iron Curtain” promises an auditory assault that honors the roots of thrash metal while infusing it with the unique energy and perspective of its young creators. From blistering solos to thunderous beats, the album is a declaration of Parabellum’s arrival on the metal scene.

With a name derived from the Latin for “prepare for war,” Parabellum is ready to conquer. And as they step onto the stage at the Redwood Metal Fest, they do so not just as the future of thrash metal, but as its present force.

“The Iron Curtain” is available on all major streaming platforms.