Prepare for War

Parabellum is a local band of 4 members from Lincoln and Wheatland. Emre Aube plays rhythm guitar as well as lead vocals, Jacey Knecht is the drummer, Dylan Stearns plays lead guitar and occasionally has some backup vocals and Thor Conrad plays the bass.

They first gained fame after being 1st place winners of the LHS Talent Show in 2022.

“It all started with getting our name out there and getting our act together, we were able to play our first legit five set song in July of this year,” said Senior student Emre Aube. “We’ve played seven shows so far, We also are the first place winners of the LHS talent show in 2022”

Parabellum members have grown up together, not just the way they each perform, but also together as a group of friends, and as band mates.

“When I first joined I had the mentality that I had to be the best drummer in the world or I wouldn’t make it. Now that I’m this deep into the band that mentality has really dissolved and I’ve felt more confident in my playing and my own style,” said Wheatland High School student Jacey Knecht.

“My skill for the guitar and vocals increase everytime we’re in the studio or practicing,” Aube said. “Safe to say we’re all learning new things everyday, my ability to work as a team I feel has also been improved and I’m able to work better with people and especially people I can call my brothers.”

“The times we’ve spent in the studio wasn’t always writing songs and practicing, definitely was a lot of messing around and bonding as friends,” said Wheatland High School student Dylan Stearns. “At the time we always said we shouldn’t be messing around but looking back at it all the times we screwed around in between practices has definitely bonded us closer as band mates and friends, Our work ethic and musicianship has definitely improved with every practice.”

Parabellum currently has three songs out, they made two more songs that they plan to play at upcoming shows, they are also currently working on some new songs for their new album coming out in February.

“We currently have three songs out on Spotify, Apple music and other streaming platforms, but we have 2 more that we play at shows. We’re currently working on more for our upcoming album ‘The Iron Curtain’ coming out in February.” Aube said

Parabellum members have been inspired to make music by many thrash metal and heavy metal bands including Slayer and Metallica.

“Listening to our favorite artist, definitely played a big role” Stearns said “especially when seeing other bands play live made us want to be like them one day”

Each member of the band met in a different way, but eventually got together to pursue their band.

The Iron Curtain

“Emre saw a picture of me with a bass and invited me to be the bass player.” said Conrad

“Me and Dylan go to the same school and I only ever saw him around campus at the beginning of freshman year. I remember he stayed in the band room once while the school band was getting ready to have an after school practice,” Knecht said “I naturally started playing the kit and he couldn’t help but notice and he talked to me a bit about parabellum, not too long after, he came up to me in the hallway and asked if I would be apart of the band because they were in need for a new drummer.”  

All four members plan to stick together in the future and plan to continue making music together

“Me and Dylan have always had a connection musically and when I started playing around the summer of 2020, we jammed for the first time.”

“I’m very certain that this music and this band will be my life till I physically can not go on, that’ll be the only way I’ll stop playing music I love, and with these guys behind me I feel as though we can take over the world.” Aube said.

“We have big hopes for the future and have a clear vision of what we want to be, we wouldn’t be anywhere without our faith.” Stearns said “I think we’ve all come to the same conclusion that this is our life, this is the path we want to take no matter what, no matter how hard it gets, we won’t ever stop chasing our passions.”

“I’ve never had much of a plan for after high school, let alone my life, but I always knew I wanted to pursue a career in music. This was the golden ticket I needed to really have a plan and to do something I love.” Knecht said

“We jammed for the first time and the rest was history” Stearns said

Parabellum plans to make more music for their fans to enjoy, as well as plan some future shows. Interested fans can find more information on their website,