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Parabellum Unveils Thrash Metal Resurgence with Singles ‘Deserted,’ ‘Corridor of Rage,’ and ‘One Above All’

Parabellum, a Northern California-based thrash metal band, announces the release of their electrifying singles – “Deserted,” “Corridor of Rage,” and “One Above All.” These tracks, available on popular music streaming platforms like Spotify and Apple Music, mark a thrilling revival in the thrash metal genre, leading up to their upcoming album, “The Iron Curtain.”

"Our music is a tribute to the thrash legends who inspired us, blending their raw energy with our unique twist for today's world."
Emre Aube
Emre Aube
Lead Vocalist & Rhythm Guitars

Parabellum, consisting of Emre Aube on rhythm guitar and lead vocals, Jacey Knecht on drums, Dylan Stearns on lead guitar and backup vocals, and Thor Conrad on bass, draws deeply from the roots of thrash metal giants. Emre Aube comments, “Our music is a tribute to the thrash legends who inspired us, blending their raw energy with our unique twist for today’s world.” This fusion of classic sounds with modern vigor sets Parabellum apart, reigniting the thrash metal scene with a resonance reminiscent of its origins.

Northern California Thrash Metal Band Parabellum

The band’s debut singles showcase relentless rhythms, riveting riffs, and raucous vocals. Drummer Jacey Knecht reflects, “We’re redefining thrash, proving it’s not just a thing of the past but a genre that’s evolving and more powerful than ever.” Their performances echo the frenzied energy and unyielding spirit of thrash’s golden era.

The members of Parabellum, all in high school, demonstrate an unwavering dedication to thrash metal. Lead guitarist and backup vocalist Dylan Stearns shares, “Every song is a piece of our journey, echoing the thrash metal that resonates deeply with us and, we hope, with our listeners too.” Their commitment is evident in each meticulously crafted track, from the aggressive melodies of “Deserted” to the pulsating beats of “Corridor of Rage” and the intense vocals in “One Above All.”

The Iron Curtain

Bassist Thor Conrad adds, “This is just the beginning. ‘The Iron Curtain’ is our statement that thrash metal is here to stay, and we’re at the forefront of this movement.” Their passion and skill in crafting each song highlight their role as modern-day torchbearers of thrash metal, ensuring its enduring spirit.